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The Challenge: USA 2 Male Pre-Season Power Rankings

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The Challenge: USA is finally back on CBS and I am so excited! We get to see new CBS talent like Tyler Crispen, Cassidy Clark, and Chris Underwood battle with MTV talent like Tori Deal, Johnny Bananas, and Wes Bergmann. This is the female pre-season power rankings for The Challenge: USA 2.

12. Luis Colon

Original Show - The Amazing Race 34


It will definitely be interesting to see some more Amazing Racers on The Challenge. Luis is the only player this season who I didn’t watch their original show. I heard Luis likes to get involved in messy drama though so that is why I have him at the end.

11. Dusty Harris

Original Show - The Amazing Race 33


Dusty got 3rd place on The Amazing Race 33. Him and his partner Ryan Ferguson played a very physical game but if there was more strategy in The Amazing Race then they probably would have been sent home. I can see him and the Amazing Race crew going home early in this hypothetical season.

10. Sebastian Noel

Original Show - Survivor: Ghost Island


I absolutely loved Sebastian or Sea-Bass on Survivor: Ghost Island. He had the social game and physical game but not strategic game to win. I’ve always wanted him on The Challenge and I think USA is the better version for him. We’ve seen previews of him hooking up with Tori Deal so I expect that to be a huge storyline.

9. Monte Taylor

Original Show - Big Brother 24


Monte played a great game on Big Brother 24 and many think he deserved the win. I personally think the best player of each season wins the season and that’s Taylor Hale. Monte was made for The Challenge so even if he doesn’t do well on this season I think he could become a Challenge Champion in the future.

8. Tyler Crispen

Original Show - Big Brother 20


Tyler once said that he would never do The Challenge and yet, here he is. I am excited for Tyler on The Challenge. He has all of the tools to win, but it is his rookie season.

7. Josh Martinez

Original Show - Big Brother 19 (1st)

Best Finish: 7th

  • Total Madness

  • Spies, Lies, & Allies

Josh gets a lot of hate from The Challenge fans. I’m friends with Josh outside of the show and he is such a nice guy. He has the social and political game to get to the final and I’d love to see how he would do in a final

Original Show - Big Brother 18

Best Finish: 2nd

  • War of the Worlds II

I am so excited to see Paulie back on The Challenge! I think he has a chance to win due to his physical abilities but politically he will be at a disadvantage due to casting. He does not get along with Josh Martinez, Tori Deal, Johnny Bananas, Amanda Garcia and more. It will be a hard battle for Paulie but one I think he has a chance of coming out of.

Original Show - Survivor: Edge of Extinction (1st)


Chris is my highest rated rookie for a few reasons. The first is that this man knows how to win competitions. He was a comp beast on Survivor when he didn’t have food in his system. The other reason is that he knows how to get knocked down and get back up. Chris was evicted on day 5 of Survivor but came back on day 35 and won the whole season. I could see him winning his rookie season of The Challenge.

4. Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio

Original Show - The Real World: Key West

Best Finish: 1ST

  • The Island

  • The Ruins

  • Rivals

  • Exes

  • Free Agents

  • Rivals III

  • Total Madness

Bananas is the G.O.A.T on The Challenge. He is getting up there in age though and has many enemies. I don’t know if there will ever be another season where Bananas is my favorite to win going into it. I would not be surprised if he wins but I don’t know if I expect it over other challengers anymore.

3. Cory Wharton

Original Show - The Real World: Ex-Plosion / Back to San Francisco

Best Finish: 2nd

  • Double Agents

Cory has been so close to winning multiple times. I would love for Cory to finally get that win. I would love for it on MTV but CBS works too I guess. Cory is a great challenger who is starting to get a better political game. He just needs to work on his puzzle ability.

2. Faysal Shafaat

Original Show - Big Brother 20

Best Finish: 4th

  • Total Madness

  • Double Agents

Faysal is a complete beast who has been to multiple finals and has yet to win 1 championship. I think this could be Faysal’s season to win. He has multiple Big Brother players on this season that he can work with. He is also the biggest guy by a lot so any physical elimination would benefit him. His only struggle will be winning the final and not getting 4th place.

1. Wes Bergmann

Original Show - The Real World: Austin

Best Finish: 1ST PLACE

  • The Duel

  • Rivals II

  • All-Stars 3

Wes is my favorite to win this season. He didn’t have a great showing on World Championship but I am expecting a bounce back season. He has been working with Bananas recently and already has a past working with Cory Wharton, Paulie Calafiore, Jonna Mannion and more. Unless the CBS talent all comes for Wes I can see him winning. I also don’t see anyone beating him in a final this season if he gets there.


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