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The Challenge: USA 2 Female Pre-Season Power Rankings

The Challenge: USA 2 Cast. The Challenge: USA is finally back on CBS and I am so excited! We get to see new CBS talent like Tyler Crispen, Cassidy Clark, and Chris Underwood battle with MTV talent like Tori Deal, Johnny Bananas, and Wes Bergmann. This is the female pre-season power rankings for The Challenge: USA 2.

12. Ameerah Jones

Original Show - Big Brother 24


I do not have high hopes for Ameerah. She played a pretty strategic game on Big Brother 24 but played too hard too quick and was taken out early. I am surprised she was casted but the rumor is that Taylor Hale declined this season of The Challenge and Ameerah was the backup option.

11. Tiffany Mitchell

Original Show - Big Brother 24

Best Finish: 13th

  • USA 1

I am so excited to see Tiffany back on The Challenge. I do think she will be targeted early and often though especially because there are a lot of Survivor players here. I would love to see Tiffany go far but I just don’t see it happening.

10. Alyssa Snider

Original Show - Big Brother 24


Alyssa is another unique casting choice that I wouldn’t have made. I’m assuming Angela Rummans turned the spot down and they called Alyssa. I would have loved to see this spot go to Kat Dunn (BB21), Christie Murphy (BB21), Rachel Reilly Villegas (BB12 & BB13), Janelle Pierzina (BB6, BB7, BB14, & BB22) or someone else.

9. Amanda Garcia

Original Show - Are You The One? 3

Best Finish: 5th

  • Invasion of the Champions

  • Spies, Lies, & Allies

I am so excited that Amanda is on the CBS version of the show! She will be bringing great entertainment, but I don’t know how well she will do. She will also be beefing with Tori Deal, Michele Fitzgerald, and some of the male competitors.

8. Michele Fitzgerald

Original Show - Survivor: Kaoh Rong (1st)

Best Finish: 9th

  • Ride or Dies

Michele was a great social player on both of her seasons of Survivor. That has not been the case on The Challenge. She has the fellow challengers really pressed and has definitely caused some drama. I have her in the middle cause she hasn't done a lot on The Challenge yet.

7. Alyssa Lopez

Original Show - Big Brother 23

Best Finish: 6th

  • USA 1

Alyssa played a pretty good political game on The Challenge: USA 1, but she wasn’t the most physical person. She is smaller than some of the other female competitors so if she goes into a physical elimination there is a high chance she goes home.

6. Cassidy Clark

Original Show - Survivor 43


Cassidy should have won Survivor 43. I am a firm believer in “the best player deserves to win.” Cassidy deserved to win over Mike Gabler. I am excited to see how she plays The Challenge though. I can see her working with the Survivor alum.

5. Chanelle Howell

Original Show - Survivor 42


Chanelle is the highest rated rookie on my pre-season power rankings. She knows how to play a strategic game but got caught in Survivor 42. She also has been working out non-stop for the past year and has gotten into great shape so I could see her getting far with other Survivor players.

4. Michaela Bradshaw

Original Show - Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X

Best Finish: 18th

  • Spies, Lies, & Allies

I was a huge fan of Michaela on Survivor and I thought she would kill it on Spies, Lies, & Allies but I was wrong. Michaela will have some fellow Survivor players on this season so she should be able to go pretty far.

3. Desi Williams

Original Show - Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers

Best Finish: 5th Place

  • USA

Desi was a potential winner of The Challenge: USA 1 before her partner, Enzo Palumbo, quit. Desi was automatically taken out of the game before she was even allowed to compete in the final. If Desi can play a great political game again and then get to the final I could see her win it.

2. Tori Deal

Original Show - Are You The One? 4

Challenge Championships: 1

  • Ride or Dies

Tori has been on a lot of seasons of The Challenge back to back now. It will definitely be interesting to see her on the USA version on CBS now. Tori is a friend of mine and I’m so happy to see her play again but I think a lot of the CBS females will try and get her out.

1. Jonna Mannion

Original Show - The Real World: Cancun

Challenge Championships: 2

  • All-Stars 2

  • All-Stars 3

Jonna is my favorite to win this season for a couple of different reasons. Jonna is a 2-time champion who is in her prime as a challenger. Jonna has the potential to play a better political and social game than Tori Deal too.


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